Inquiry Letter

Posted: 2 December 2012 in Tugas

Definition of inqury letter

A letter of request, also known as a letter or letters of interesting candidates, will be sent to the companies. Letter of request is a letter from a prospective buyer to the seller requesting information about the products offered. With the offer of the seller will potential buyers will know the price, and the sale and purchase, and a description of the goods or services to be purchased. This is the purpose of the prospective buyer a written request to the seller.
When a prospective buyer has to know the condition of the goods / services following the price and terms of sale and purchase, of course he did not need to ask for a quote from the seller. Letter of inquiry required in formal trade demand formal procedures in writing. Letter of inquiry is often an early stage of the business transactions. Through a letter of inquiry to ask a potential buyer or to request information about the goods or services to be purchased. In reaction, the seller explained the things he wanted to know the buyer, the buyer did finally order and business transactions as the top buying and selling process.

Six tips for writing an inquiry letter:

• Begin your letter by stating who you are and giving your status or
• Clearly state what it is that you are inquiring about and what you would
like the recipient of your letter to do. Make your inquiry as specific as
• You might want to briefly explain the purpose of your letter or what you
hope to accomplish.
• Include the date by which you need the information, services, etc. that you
are requesting, and indicate that you await the reader’s response.
• Thank the person for his/her time.
Elements of

Elements of Business Letter:

1. Sender’s Address and Date- give the following information: house number,
street, area code, place, country, telephone.
• Sender’s address below the date:
2. Recipient’s Address- starts two lines below the sender’s address.
3. Salutation in a Business Letter
A: If you know the person’s name:
B: If you don’t know the person’s name:
C: Punctuation: Use colon
4. Subject Line – English, the subject line can also be placed
between the recipient’s address and the salutation
(with a blank line in between).
5. Body of the letter- Capitalize and indent the first word of the
text. The next text is left justified. And a space is put
after each paragraph.
A: 1st paragraph – Introduction and reason for writing.
B: Following paragraphs – Explain the reason in details
and background information, etc.
C: Last paragraph – Summarize your reasons and make
clear what you want the recipient to do.
6. Greeting in Business letter: Use “sincerely”. Write the greeting two lines
below the last paragraph. Leave 4 blank lines after the greeting (space for
the signature) and write the sender’s name below that space.

Example of inquiry letter

The Virtual Community Group, Inc.
17 Park Road
Rural Town, NH
January 2, 2011
Jane Smith, Executive Director
Xavier Foundation
555 S. Smith St.
Washington, D.C. 22222
Dear Ms. Smith,
I am writing to inquire whether the Xavier Foundation would invite a proposal from the Virtual Community Group, Inc., requesting an investment of $50,000 per year over two years to support our Enterprise 2000 initiative. This grant would provide part of the funds needed for us to train at least 1200 low-income entrepreneurs in rural New Hampshire in the computer skills they need to create sustainable businesses as we enter the twenty-first century. Your literature indicates that the Xavier Foundation is searching for innovative ideas to improve the lives of the rural poor; we believe Enterprise 2000 falls well within your area of interest.
Information technologies are a promising solution to one of the primary obstacles facing the small rural enterprise: the geographic distances which inhibit networking with other businesses, and which segregate them from a larger marketplace. The Internet and other networks are now making it possible for entrepreneurs even in the most remote locations to communicate and do business on a region-wide, national, or even international basis. Working in conjunction with other organizations, Enterprise 2000 gives program participants technical skills training adapted to individual need; and, in collaboration with organizations which recondition and redistribute used computers, we also assure that they obtain the necessary computer hardware, at low or no cost.
We believe that broadly-implemented technical skills programs such as Enterprise 2000 have the potential to transform the lives of many struggling entrepreneurs, and change the economic landscape of impoverished rural communities. Unlike many poverty alleviation initiatives, all of the Virtual Community Group programs are predicated on the assumption that these entrepreneurs already have 90% of what it takes to compete in the marketplace — intelligence, ambition, initiative, and talent. After two years of experimentation and program development, the Virtual Community Group has fashioned a superb, easily replicable model in Enterprise 2000, and established a high degree of credibility among community groups, policy makers, and funders. With your support, we can make that 10% difference in the lives of these hard-working people and the future of our rural communities.
Please feel free to call me with any questions. I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Executive Director
(This sample letter of inquiry was created for AGM by Molly Clark Associates.)
Example reply of inqury letter
Dear Sirs
Yours enquiry of dec,12th,  which we welcome, is receiving our attention, and we thank you for your interest in our products.
A copy of our illustrated export catalogue will be sent to you today, together with a range of samples of the various skins used in the manufacture of gloves and shoes. We think the colors will be just what you want for the fashionable trade, and the beauty and elegance of our designs, coupled with the superb workmanship, should appeal to the discriminating buyer.
Our representative, Mr, Fiel, will be in New York next week and lie will be pleased to call on you with a full range of samples of our handmade lines. He is authorized to discuss the terms of an order with you or to negotiate a contact.
It will be a pleasure to serve you.
Yours faithfully
sumber :


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